🎀 “A data mining suite for DNA microarrays.”

Release: v0.1.0 (Installation)

candis is an Open Source data mining suite (released under the GNU General Public License v3) for DNA microarrays that consists of a wide collection of tools you require, right from from Data Extraction to Model Deployment.

candis helps you with

Data Extraction

Extracting data from National Center for Biotechnology Information’s Entrez engine using the candis.entrez API.

>>> from candis import entrez
>>> api = entrez.API('<your_email_ID>')
>>> # List of available databases from NCBI.
['pubmed', 'protein', 'nuccore', ...]

candis is created and currently maintained by Achilles Rasquinha.

candis officially supports Python 2.7+ and 3.5+.